Starting in May, dandelion flowers and lilac, barely blooming, give rise to delicious frozen resembling the taste of honey. They can be eaten on toast in a yoghurt or a herbal tea. Our traditional jams (made with strawberries, cherries, red currants, raspberries, rhubarb, ...) are simmered in the fascinating pans of copper handicraft workshop, according to the ancestral method.

September announced the gathering of wild fruits. Note that hawthorn, elder, quince, rose hips are known for their medicinal properties.

To satisfy lovers of fine vinegars, vinaigrettes we prepare delicious vegetables, which are ideal to decorate salads and raw vegetables. Vinegar with garlic, tarragon, blueberries, raspberries flesh out our range. They change the taste of the dishes at will.

The latest addition to the range, the foot balm relieves crevices, cracks and other bedsores.